Properties for Sale

Beautiful Property at Best Pricing

At TCI Blue, we have amazing properties for sale all across the island. If you have fallen in love with this island and are looking for a nice one-two bedroom retreat, or a 16 bedroom villa overlooking the beautiful waters, we have multiple options to suit your needs.We are a team of experts that understands your requirement first, and based on specifications, we present you with a variety of attractive properties with various facilities that suit your budget. Each of us works hard to ensure you get a great deal with us.

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Invest in Nature

If you are simply looking for a great place to invest in to improve your portfolio, then look no further than TCI Blue’s properties. We offer beautiful properties located on this beautiful nature island. Each of our properties reserve some speciality and uniqueness.We are a team of friendly, skilled, and honest professionals that are familiar with every corner of this island. When you choose us, we guide you through the area and help you make the best investment.